We apologize for the inconvenience. Unless you call very early, or very late, you'll either get a busy signal (even though we have 4 lines) or you'll be put on hold. Most likely, you'll be told that there's an hour wait on pizzas (sometimes 1 1/2 hours!). But if you want GOOD food and abundance... plan ahead an hour and give us a call.

PIZZA U have a choice of pizza styles: Our famous pizza (the 5969 - calorie pizza) with a thick fluffy, yeast-dough crust (although the center is thin), where the dough is made fresh everyday and it rises for 24 hours before use, lots of REAL mozzarella cheese, and our own home-made sauce (made with fresh parmessan cheese and garlic). OR, a thin crusted pizza (called the "Blue Collar" Pizza) with the same ingredients, only a whole lot less. The "Blue Collar" is good for true NY-style pizza Aficionados(?). or for snacking, or for people who don't have mucho dollars, (buy the "Blue Collar" for the kids and get the good one for yourself!).

Buffalo wings - $7.99